First steps

Our Early Learning Centres are light-filled and spacious, providing a happy and creative space for your child to explore. With qualified early childhood educators, programs are individually tailored to ensure each child benefits from all that the learning activities and environment have to offer.

Nestled in the primary school grounds on each campus, our ELCs are the perfect environment to welcome our youngest learners for one of the most important stages of life, the early childhood years.

At St Paul’s, we embrace the belief that children, from birth, are curious, capable and equipped with the potential to learn and achieve. Through our purpose-built learning facilities, we provide a stimulating and engaging environment and curriculum underpinned by our ethos and values. Our aim is to extend and enrich children’s learning from ages three to five years, encompassing their transition to primary school.

With both campuses rated as Exceeding National Quality Standards under the National Quality Framework, please read more about our Warragul ELC, Traralgon ELC or our forthcoming Drouin ELC.

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Enjoy our educator-facilitated Little Lorikeets Playgroup, with 1.5 hour sessions offered on a weekly basis at Traralgon and Warragul (with Drouin from 2024).
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Considered the earliest formal learning, learn more about our engaging 9am-3pm offerings of our play-based inquiry programs perfectly designed for three year olds.
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Our multi-day learning programs extend beyond the classroom to incorporate specialist teachers and nature kinder, preparing your child to start primary school.

A happy place

At St Paul’s, we understand that a student’s wellbeing is crucial in underpinning their learning.

Our educators recognise and respond to the unique qualities of every child. The focus and core purpose of each school day aims to understand these specific requirements in order to create a meaningful connection between students and educators. Collectively they become co-learners with the children, families and the community.

Educators are responsive to children’s questions and ideas and develop ongoing projects based on their personal interests to stimulate each child’s thinking and enrich their learning.

Play-based Learning

Embedded within our ELC approach is the Reggio Emilia philosophy: the belief that every child is competent, full of possibilities and a protagonist in their own learning.

Educators provide children with countless opportunities to discover their passion, working at their individual level of development within a curriculum that caters for their needs and interests. Each child is encouraged and supported to extend their thinking and pursue their personal best, whatever that may be.

Being located within our primary schools allows us to introduce the teaching expertise of a wide range of specialist educators across the Arts, Physical Education, Library, Chapel and Japanese. We can also explore campus facilities beyond the ELC, including beautiful outdoor and indoor learning spaces, sporting facilities and the kitchen garden.

Beyond the curriculum, outdoor play is a vital part of the learning experience offered at St Paul’s. Through most kinds of weather, students are encouraged to dress appropriately and engage with the landscape in all its forms. The Nature Kinder program encourages each child to play and discover while caring for and existing alongside the natural environment. Children learn about respecting the traditional landowners and acknowledging their connection with the land.