Learning Well

Our educators are committed to best-practice. We foster a love of learning in our students to develop their curiosity through an engaging curriculum, specialist subjects and an expansive co-curricular program.

Our teachers are kind, talented and dedicated to inspiring, educating and supporting each child to pursue their personal potential.

During their first years, we take a best-practice play-based and inquiry approach to support every child’s creativity, brain development and emotional intelligence. Utilising our teachers’ expertise in our high-quality early learning programs, we support every child to unearth their spark.

As they progress through primary school, children are immersed in a diverse range of studies which cater to their individual needs and interests. The classroom curriculum, supported by their primary educator, focuses largely on Literacy, Numeracy and Humanities/STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and is diversified and extended through timetabled specialist subjects in Visual and Performing Arts, Sport/PE, Library, Japanese Language and Christian Studies.

Living Well

At the heart of St Paul’s is the belief that happy students thrive. We know that children learn best when they feel a sense of belonging and confidence and we create an environment where children are known, valued and connected.

Our primary schools provide a safe, warm and enriching environment where each child is safe, valued and celebrated.  Our school size means that students know their teachers well, and are known by their teachers in return, forming a strong community that surrounds and cares for each and every student.

We aim to understand the ‘whole’ child to enrich their learning and drive engagement, cultivating a positive, calm and supportive learning environment that is capable and flexible in meeting the needs of all learners.

Students enjoy being connected with a ‘buddy’ at commencement, supporting them to forge new friendships and helping them find their place within the school.

Communication is open and regular, building an important partnership between educators, students and families to guide and enhance each child’s education.

Leading Well

Leadership and service are core components of a St Paul’s education, and from a young age, children are encouraged to be active participants in, and contributors to, the wider world around them.

Being confident, having a go and getting involved are all ways in which our students are encouraged to build and display their personal character. Student-led initiatives are common, whether instigating a new student club or raising funds for those in need. Students also enjoy a range of opportunities to give back to their school and its students, through mentoring or acting as a buddy to younger students, by sharing knowledge with others on a task, working together in groups or taking on leadership roles as a captain or student representative.

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Performing Arts

Each year level from Prep to Year 6 has a weekly session in Performing Arts. There are also Performing Arts Ensembles and Clubs to which the students can belong.
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Studies focus on broadening students' horizons by developing an awareness of another culture and highlighting our expectations around understanding diversity and difference.
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Sport & PE

Each week, students participate in a wide variety of activities. Our program focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity in the lives of our students.
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Students discover different books and genres and are inspired to develop a love of reading. Students learn about different authors and illustrators and develop an appreciation for literature.
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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program provides opportunities for children to experience, develop, represent and understand ideas, emotions and values, using a range of techniques and mediums.
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Christian Studies classes enable students to engage in values-based learning activities, which develop their sense of belief in themselves and a responsibility to their community.

Personalised Learning

Personalised Learning

Enriching learning and providing support where needed is a valuable component of engaging with students, and at St Paul’s this comes in many forms.

At St Paul’s, we offer students an engaging and enriching learning environment that nurtures the talents of each child by supporting them in areas of challenge and extending in areas of accomplishment.

All students from Prep through to Year 6 have a range of opportunities to participate in problem-based learning projects that encompass a transdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) approach. We strive to raise foundational skills in STEM learning areas to develop literacy, interest and promote the development of core competencies for the 21st century.

At St Paul’s, we recognise that every student is an individual with skills and abilities that are unique to them and that sometimes will require a greater amount of support and enrichment beyond the regular curriculum. Our enrichment provision aims to inspire and ignite student learning – uncovering and unearthing passion areas of inquiry and investigation. Small groups of students are able to come together to extend and challenge themselves in critical and creative thinking to further develop their abilities.

Beyond enrichment classes, students are provided with an opportunity to extend their learning through competitions and co-curricular activities, and regardless of their interests and abilities, we will encourage and support every child to make their mark.

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Beyond the Classroom

Students gain social, leadership, empathy and teamwork skills by participating in a variety of co-curricular activities, clubs and competitions beyond the classroom.

Activities and clubs are facilitated by teachers and change over time, responding to the current interests and passions of students.

Activities & Clubs
  • AFL
  • Art and Craft Club
  • Band
  • Basketball
  • Bike Ed Team
  • Book Club
  • Boyz Dance Crew
  • Celtic Club
  • Choir
  • Cricket
  • Dance Club (Mixed)
  • Dodge Ball Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Hot Shot Tennis Netball
  • Robotics Club
  • Scooter Club
  • Ski Camp
  • String Orchestra
  • Soccer
  • Symphonic Band
  • Technology Club
  • Vocal Group
  • Athletics
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Bike Ed Challenge
  • Cricket T20 Blast
  • Equestrian
  • Hoop Time Basketball
  • House Athletics
  • House Cross Country
  • House Swimming
  • ICAS English, Mathematics, Science and Spelling
  • Lions Public Speaking
  • RoboCup
  • Short Story Writing Competition
  • Tournament of Minds
  • Vicspell
  • Winter Round Robin Sports Competition
  • Co-curricular options are subject to change.