February 7, 2022

Empowering positive education

St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School’s teaching staff recently enjoyed enhancing their understanding of wellbeing and improving their craft by 1% at a presentation by wellbeing education expert, David Bott.

David reflected on the challenges in the education sector due to the pandemic and invited employees to incorporate three strategies to regulate stress in uncertain times. Advocated by Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist at Stanford University, these strategies include a ‘physiological sigh’ (a breathing strategy), ‘optic flow’ (movement of light on the retina) and ‘panoramic vision’ (using peripheral vision).

David also spoke about the importance of individuality among staff and students and empowering their differing characteristics. These strategies will shape the next chapter of education, directly affecting how teachers support the development of student wellbeing, performance and learning experience.

Staff appreciation for David’s expertise in applied wellbeing and positive education is reflected by St Paul’s teacher, Rick Battista who commented, “He was fantastic, and it was a delight to be involved given everything he was speaking about was music to my ears!”

David’s knowledge and strategies are an exciting addition for St Paul’s employees to utilise in pursuing their own potential, and identifying and celebrating that of their students.


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